San Diego listed as 3rd most expensive in US


Something that San Diego Citizens already know all too well.  A recent survey at shows that San Diego is the 3rd most expensive city to live in the country.

The survey ranked the affordability of the nation’s 25 largest cities.  The least affordable are San Francisco, New York and San Diego. The poll looked at a number of factors including home values, income, taxes and homeowners’ insurance costs.  Those yardsticks all figured into the equation.

“Yes, your median income is higher than average, but not nearly high enough to be able to afford significantly higher property taxes and the big cost of the house itself,” said Mike Sante of

The survey used the basis of average median salary to average median home price for the area.  San Diego only trails San Francisco and New York City as the least affordable city. In San Diego there has always been somewhat of a disconnect due to wealthy homeowners, foreign home owners and the large military stronghold in the area.

But the weather is great!,  if you dont like it , you can move to America’s #1 affordable city-Detroit.

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