California Foreclosure level lowest since 2007

Operation Kick the can in full effect

Helicopter Ben, Goverment legislation, and the banks general unwillingness to foreclose on anyone  for any reason have lowered California NOD filings to pre-crisis levels.

from the LA Times:

The number of Californians entering foreclosure dropped in the third quarter to its lowest level since early 2007.

Foreclosure filings have fallen as banks work toward completing more loan modifications and short sales. An improving economy and rising prices have also helped.

“Prices in most areas today are up significantly from their low point in early 2009,” John Walsh, president of San Diego real estate firm DataQuick, said in a news release. “Additionally, during the past year, we’ve seen short sales overtake the foreclosure process as the procedure of choice to deal with homeowner distress.”

Notices of default fell 10.2% from the prior quarter and were down 31.2% from the same period last year, DataQuick reported. A total of 49,026 notices of default – the first stage of foreclosure in California — were filed on homes in the Golden State last quarter.

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